One of the items that my wife and I debated (and continue to debate from time to time) is the need / want for a “home base”. I would define a home base as a location for a full-time or part-time RVer to call “home”. This could be a house, a lot, a piece of land in the middle of nowhere, an apartment, a condo, etc.

After much debate and crunching of financial numbers – we decided to buy a home base in Florida. We could afford it and it would provide a location for us to “winter” in a much sought after location in the sunshine state. It would a place for us to park even when everything else is full.

This home base was not the original plan. We originally wanted to full-time RV and travel 365 days a year. We also originally bought just a lot lot in a RV Resort. We later traded this in for a “Port House” in the same community. The port house is basically a very large car port to store our motorhome in and a small house, aka “casita”.

After having the casita for couple of years, we have grown to really enjoy it. It is a respite from the “Road” that is helpful in recharging the batteries – ours and the motorhome’s. We are always eager to head out on a trip in the spring, but eager to return each time.

There are negatives to owning a place. Namely, there is the cost associated with ownership – taxes, insurance, HOA fees, upkeep, etc. These are somewhat offset from having to pay RV rental fees, but it would be cheaper to rent.

There have been some real pros to owning a permanent spot. We have a real address for banks and the government. We are able to rest and recover if needed from surgery or sickness. We can establish doctors easier. We are also able to host family members that want to visit. By having he casita and the motorhome here, it is like having two small houses. The arrangement has worked great on several occassions.

We also discovered some real pros that we did not anticipate. The biggest is the friendships we have developed with our neighbors. In our previous neighborhoods, we have not gotten to know our neighbors well. That has not been the case here. We have developed some of our best friends in our lives the past couple of years.

Our resort is made up of mostly retired RVers. I think we are more relaxed than most average neighborhoods in America and we have a similar outlook on life and adventure. Many of our neighbors own primary homes in other parts of the country and have invited us to visit them there. Many even have RV hook-ups!! This was especially nice last year after COVID hit. Many campgrounds were closed or full. We stayed with friends and family much of the summer. We were able to stay safe and sane this way.

We believe that COVID is leading many full-time RVers to consider a home base. Our Resort has sold more lots this past season than ever before. So far our investment in our home base has proven to be successful! Take care and stay safe!