Everything should have its place.

One of the things that we have learned with both of our RVs is that you need to learn where to store items for a trip. The goal is for your items to be safe and secure. A secondary goal would be that they would be easy to store when packing up for the trip.

The Storage Bays underneath our motorhome are primarily my domain. My wife leads the storage areas inside the motorhome. I like to use bins with labels on the outside letting me know what is inside. Clear storage bins are nice, but I also found some smaller, interlocking bins that fit great in my underneath storage on sale at Lowe’s for $8.

On the inside, sinks are used most of the time for storage while travelling. We keep our half bath sink empty for use in route to the next destination. The back bathroom and kitchen sinks are used to store items on travel days.

We also utilize our bed, couch, recliners, table, and chairs for storage.

Our Storage locations will be refined over time, but hopefully this will give you a sense of packing and organizing tasks on travel days.

Thanks for stopping by, and safe travels everyone!