People think the RV lifestyle is great – and it is most of the time. But, real life does happen. Some people think that full time RVing is like being on vacation all the time and you get to see cool places every day and have not a care in the world. That is not true.

Real life still happens. You have chores that you must do, you must earn money (or have savings), things break on your RV, family issues arise, people die…. That is the basis behind this post.

We have met an incredible number of wonderful people in the RV Community the past few months. Some people really make an impact on you. We lost a really good man from our RV Community this week. In the short time we had know him, we really grew to love him (and his wife). Cancer is a terrible thing. I have lost several family members and friends to cancer.

This event reinforces to me that you need to live every day of your life to the best of your ability. Cherish your friends and family. Tell them what they mean to you. Tomorrows are not guaranteed. You only have a limited number remaining.

As we say goodbye to our friend this week, we also feel blessed that we have a plan to explore more, get out and see/do more, and meet cool new friends. Live life to its fullest! Carpe Diem.