Moving into a new RV is a bigger task than most expect it to be. The amount of available storage is much less than a typical “sticks and bricks” house. You really do need to limit the amount of “things” you load into your new home.

One note on the new motorhome versus our last RV – the fifth wheel. This motorhome has more underneath storage (storage bay area), but the storage inside the living area is less. This is not the largest motorhome by far – nor is it the smallest. Space utilization will be key.

Weight is a big issue in RVs. They can easily become overloaded. It is important to weigh your RV properly. I will post another article about weighing your RV properly – as I have been doing some research in this area for a few years. With fuel costs as they are, you also do not want to carry unnecessary items with you down the road and across the country.

We have never been light packers for travel, but with time and experience we are getting better. On our latest trip to Las Vegas, my wife and I were able to share a large suitcase for our 5 day trip. I also used every item that I packed, so that was positive.

We do not like to move a lot of items into the motorhome prior to a trip. Our goal is to only move food, valuables and some electronics. I would like to keep day to day living items and even clothes in the motorhome. Does this mean that you will need two of everything? Yes, in most cases. This will not work for everyone, but it is our approach.

In the RV, small baskets and containers have proven valuable. The cabinets in the Motorhome are very deep. It is good to have baskets and containers that you can organize like items and “pull down” when needed. The containers also help to keep items from shifting while moving. Here are a few of the baskets and containers that we purchased at IKEA and the Container Store.

IKEA and the Container Store have lots of organization items.
The large basket in the front in for shoes. It will sit behind the passenger seat and will be used to store our shoes as we enter the Motorhome.
Neat wall organizer at IKEA.

My wife liked a few of the items so much that she went back and purchased some more for our RV Port House as well. This will be an ongoing process and we will re-optimize / re-organize from time to time. We have some upcoming “shake-down” short trips that will provide a lot of insight. Once we get everything in place, I will provide a follow-up and tour of the motorhome.

Thanks of stopping by. Post comments on any additional ideas that you have for organization in a small space! Safe travels!