It has been a busy week. Lots of fun, and exciting Motorhome tasks – some of which (most of which) are a lot of hard work as well.

One item that we have been doing throughout the week is learning. Even though we had a 5th wheel before, this new RV is much more advanced and has a lot of additional features and systems.

The education happened by:

  • The Orientation session by the dealership
  • The Motorhome Documentation
  • Owner Forums – Brand specific
  • Hands-on Learning

The Motorhome Orientation session from the dealer on pick-up date was good. Our service technician discussed every major system in the RV. It was a good knowledge base starting point.

TIP: Record your orientation session on your phone – by a second person if possible. It is helpful to be able to refer back to the video from time to time. That way, you can pay closer attention, and not try and write down what the technician is saying. Further, I would suggest breaking up the video into several smaller videos to reduce the size and perhaps make it easier to find information about specific systems.

Our motorhome included a whole briefcase of documentation. There is the main Owner’s manual – which provides overall documentation for the RV. Each major component also has its own specific documentation. If is it a driveable RV – then you will also have a Chassis manual. Reading this documentation is time consuming – but it can be frustrating and costly if you do not have the knowledge you need to operate your rig.

TIP: Your documentation will contain warranty cards that you must complete and mail in (or in some cases you can go online). This will ensure that you get the warranty coverage you are entitled too – and it will also allow the manufacturer to contact you in the event of a recall, etc.

Most RVs have an brand specific owner’s forum that covers a number of topics on your RV. It can be general things, or specific operational questions. Most forums are searchable. You can also ask questions to other owners. Valuable information can be gathered here – why reinvent the wheel when someone else has already experienced the issue, or answered the same question. Last resort is to call customer support.

There has also been a fair amount of hands-on learning. This is the most fun way to learn about your new RV.

The second area of work for the new Motorhome has been to start loading it up with gear. We have a lot of items that we used in our 5th wheel that we are able to use in this motorhome. We also started to get it organized and stored in the under carriage storage and the storage areas in the living quarters. I will do another post on organization in the future.

This motorhome has lots of storage bays!
Newmar likes to use all available space. They even give you a peg board in front of some of our holding tanks. I had then add a 110v and 12v outlet to this compartment.

The last area of work on the new Motorhome this week has been to begin to do modifications to the motorhome to make it more useful and personal. These modifications are known as “mods”. Our initial mod list included insect screens for the appliance vents, a Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and audio/visual improvements.

Insects like to build nests in appliance vents. This can be costly – so it is a good idea to install some screens on things like furnace, water heater and refrigerator vents. If you live in, or spend time in place like Florida – frogs, lizards and geckos can be an issue as well.

Amazon carries almost any size bug screen.
Installed on the propane furnace – one of two furnaces on this coach.
Hot water heater screens

Most new cars include a Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). Most RVs do not. This is a highly recommended Mod. We had a TPMS on our 5th wheel as well. Most TPMS systems can monitor high/low pressure and temperature. A TPMS will alert you of an issue with an audible tone, and most have a digital readout as well. I will have sensors on the motorhome and the Jeep that we will pull behind the motorhome (our TOAD).

TPMS sensor
I like the eezrv brand. I used one on my 5th wheel as well.

We are big Apple fans – so I also added an Apple TV and a Homepod to the motorhome to cover music and entertainment.

Apple TV – my favorite Media Manager / Streaming Device.
The Apple Homepod – especially integrated with Apple Music makes an excellent audio solution for your RV – with millions of tunes at the sound of your voice (via SIRI). This solution requires internet connectivity – more on our solution for that in upcoming posts.

More Mods are on the way – but that is all I have been able to do so far. It has been a tiring if rewarding first few days of ownership.

Thanks for stopping by. Safe Travels!!