We picked up the motorhome yesterday. It looks really great. We are very pleased.

The pickup process was good. I asked that they clean some more salt from the trip down from the rig – including the roof. They were happy to oblige.

It fit well into our port house. Neighbors helped us get it backed in for the first time. Love having good neighbors!

It was also my first extended drive session. I had only driven a motorhome a few times – test drives, the 10 minutes of the driving class. Never on an interstate. Never backing it up. Folks who live around here will tell you have I-4 is no joke. It went well. It was a bit like the first time I pulled the 5th wheel – stressful the first few times, easier each time you do it.

Now, we need to get it setup for travel. My wife just booked our first shakedown trip – Disney’s Fort Wilderness in about a month! Can’t wait. Thanks for checking in – and safe travels.