What is your favorite time of day??

Smoky Mountains

For me it is Sunrise. I have been an early riser for the majority of my adult life. I enjoy the quiet, alone time before anyone else is up. Just me, a cup of coffee, and my thoughts (and sometimes YouTube RV Videos 🙂 ).

Sunrise over the water! My favorite type!

What is it about Sunrises? Are they “prettier” than say sunsets? No, I love sunsets as well. I think it is the promise of the day. What is your plan for the day, what do you hope to accomplish on this new day? Or, is it a lazy day without an agenda?

Love the colors of the sky in Florida
Makes me wish I owned a boat to get closer!

That is just it…a new day can be nearly anything. You have awoken from sleep for another time. Not to be too morbid, but how many more will you have in your lifetime? I forever tell myself to not waste it. Cherish the sunrise and the day. Bend it to what you want it to be.

The promise of a new day!

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels!

Rays of the Sun through Spanish Moss