Just some of the checklists that you might need.

It has been our experience that various checklists are useful at a minimum, if not a full necessity. In the beginning – or with a new rig – they fall in the necessity category. After you have lived in your rig for a time – or have taken many trips – it may become more of a useful tool to reference from time to time.

From personal experience, it is also easy to get distracted (folks stop by for a conversation, etc) and it is easy to miss a critical step without a checklist that you check off items as you go. We have also found it useful to have someone else double check items that you have done – at least the critical ones. If you are a lone traveler – you can just do the check over yourself.

The most important checklist item IMHO (in my humble opinion) is to do one or more final “walk arounds” of the campsite and rig prior to pulling out. You are looking for items left behind, checking/verifying safety items, and looking for last minute clean-up of trash.

We have found that multiple checklists are needed. The major categories from my perspective:

  1. Pre-Trip Preparation
  2. Inside Departure
  3. Outside Departure
  4. Hook-up Checklists – TOAD or RV Hitch connections.
  5. Campsite Arrival and Parking
  6. Campsite Arrival Inside Setup
  7. Campsite Arrival Outside Setup

With our new RV / Life changes, we will like need additional checklists. For our new rig – we need a Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist.

Example Checklists have been posted in the Resources Area. Please note that these checklists are starting point examples only. You should check with your dealer or your documentation for the specifics of your rig, the proper order, etc.

That’s all for today – thanks for checking in and Safe Travels!!