I have not mentioned anything about Jeeps so far you say? Fair enough. I started this website/blog as a place to document our RV Journey and Lifestyle. I plan to eventually add a lot of RV and Jeep related information – as these are two of my passions. I may throw in some of my other hobbies from time to time – other travels, golf, poker and maybe even some personal finance thoughts.

Anyway, back to Jeeps. Jeeps (especially wranglers) have intrigued me as far back as I can remember – which is probably when I saw my first one. I have only owned two – a 2012 Wrangler JK Sahara and now a 2018 Wrangler JL Rubicon.

One look is all it took!

This is “Rooster”. His (with a name like Rooster, it must be a he) color is Firecracker Red.

That is one pretty “handsome” Jeep.
From the back!

I have keep Rooster mostly stock so far. We did purchase a nice bike rack. Here are a few mods inside.

A Medical Kit from My Medic.
Some OEM Pouches.
A Fire Extinguisher and holder.
A Flashlight and holder.
Hula Girl!
These RAM Mounts are great!
Jeep OEM Door Sill Protectors
Rear Sill Protector

Later, I plan to add links to these items in our Gear section – in case you want more info for purchase.

There will be more mods to come. Rooster will be our towed aka “TOAD” vehicle – behind our motorhome.

That’s all for now folks! Safe Travels!!

Bonus Pic – my “old” JK Jeep Wrangler “Silver Bullet” and my Camaro. I miss both of them!