I left off Part 1 talking about the RV Resorts that we visited in Florida. Shortly after we got back to Tennessee in February 2018 we bought an RV lot in the Resort that we liked this most. “The Florida Project” was off and running!

We kicked downsizing into gear big time. We had started the fall before. We sold, donated and trashed truckload after truckload of items and junk that we had accumulated over our lifetime. We had lived in that house 12 years. It was amazing the amount of “junk” that people accumulate. I plan to write a lessons learned blog post on our downsizing endeavor, but the number one item to share is to start as early as you can. It will take much, much longer than you expect.

Our house was in the Nashville, TN area and that is a hot market. We had a contract on the house after a couple of months and closed on it in June of 2018. That was a lot of work, but it was a relief to get that out of the way.

This was our home for over 12 years. It was really the only one our kids remember.

We are fiscally conservative, so we did not plan to order our motorhome until we sold the house. We took a trip back to Florida in June. A RV Port House that we had looked it, had some input to, and considered buying at the time was still available, and nearly complete. They were willing to take our lot in the same resort in on trade, so we moved forward with the purchase of the RV Port. We were homeowners again.

This RV Port House was 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath. It would also be a good “exit strategy” house when we no longer want to or could RV.

Our new home the first time we saw it.
It was still under construction.
That’s me looking things over.
Nearly Finished.
This is the “Port” that we will park the motorhome on.
It has a nice outdoor area.
We now own Palm Trees!
Nice shower!
It really is quite nice inside.

A funny story is that this happen to be a 55+ community, as many are in Florida, but we did not know that after our first visit. We are not 55. By law, they do allow a percentage of those under 55 to live here.

55+ is my speed, LOL! The people here are fantastic. This is the first place we have ever lived where we truly feel a part of the community and live amongst friends.

These are Sandhill Cranes – you don’t see them much in Tennessee or Kentucky!
We have a lake with a boat dock and launch.

We lived out of 5th wheel RV for a few weeks until we closed on the house. It reinforced that we needed a better rig for long term use. The RV Resort we moved to was also a Class A Motorhome resort, so we could not bring our 5th wheel RV anyway. We sold our 5th wheel and moved to Florida in July. We are now Florida State Residents.

Florida is hot in the Summer. Florida is awesome in the Winter however!! My wife and I look at each other almost every day and reaffirm that we are so glad we did this.

So very true!!!!!!!!!!

“The Florida Project” is nearing completion (at least with this phase) – as we get our new RV in (hopefully) the next month. Thanks for reading and Safe Travels!!