2018 was a year of change for us. We started down the path of what we named “The Florida Project”. It started off as the desire to become full-time RVers. Later, it morphed into changing our residence to Florida and becoming part-time RVers.

Late 2017 we decided that we were ready for a big change in our lives. Our kids were moving out, and we would have too big of a house for just the two of us (5 bedrooms – 4.5 baths). We also wanted to travel more and experience more things. Mostly, we wanted to just get this new life adventure started. We have lost family members over the past few years and more are falling ill. This solidified the point that life is short, and we never know what it will bring. Live in the moment!!


Many people travel the country as full time RVers. They don’t have a full-time residence. They use mailing services or family to handle things like mail. We explored this option, as it offered the most freedom. However, it also came with the some negatives. If we were both fully retired, we might have done this – and we still might – someday.

Needs change. What works well today may not work well in a few years. At work, my Boss (a Marine) termed the phase “Semper Gumby” = always flexible. It became our group motto/approach to work, and I use it in my personal life as well.

My wife especially hates the cold, and we wanted to stay within a days drive of our kids. Florida became the logical choice for a homebase. “The Florida Project” was born.

In January, 2018, we decided to attend the Florida RV Supershow – by some statistics, the largest RV show in the country. We wanted to look for our next RV. In addition, we decided to come down for a week (hopefully miss some cold weather) and look at some RV Lots. Our research showed that there were places around the country where you could buy an RV Lot with full hook-ups (water, sewer, electricity). You own it – and it had a physical address.

We looked at several RV Lots – some in RV Parks, some in RV Resorts (more amenities). We concentrated in central Florida. We wanted to be far enough south to have warmer winters, be near the mouse (wife is a huge Disney fan). Our love of the ocean is vast, so we wanted to be an easy distance from some great beaches – and now we are less than 1.5 hours from the Gulf or the Atlantic. We also wanted to be far enough away from the coast that at least the impact of hurricanes were hopefully lessened.

We discovered that many of the RV Resorts and parks also allowed you to build some permanent structures – so even allowed full houses. Many allowed small houses – “casitas”. We especially liked the RV port homes – which is basically a house with a large garage or carport for an RV.

— More to come in Part 2