We were not able to get additional pictures yesterday before the Motorhome was taken in for paint. It will be a week or so before that is complete. It will then be in Quality Control for a week or two before it will be driven to our dealer in Florida for delivery.

What type of rig is it? It is a 2019 Newmar Ventana LE 4037. When complete, it should be 40 feet 10 inches long, 12 feet 10 inches high, and 8 foot 5.5 inches wide (with slides in). It is closer to 13 feet wide with slides out. It will have a bath and a half, a King Bed, and 4 TVs.

This is the entry level diesel pusher line for Newmar. They get much more fancy (and more expensive – the top model has an MSRP of almost 1 million). This model had good bones – if not as fancy as the top models.

I had mentioned in a previous post that this was our second motorhome order. The first motorhome order did not work out. We ordered it in July, 2018 and it had an October delivery date from Newmar. All went well – and it arrived at the dealer on-time. However, the dealer was very busy, and could not get us our coach until several weeks later.

We received a phone call as we were about to leave for the pickup that the coach had been damaged. This is what we saw.


Something had hit the bumper – cracking it all the way through. They said they could fix it good as new, but we did not feel comfortable moving forward. The dealership quickly gave us our deposit back. Too bad it did not work out because it was a pretty coach. It was a 2019 Newmar Canyon Star 3710. It was a gas coach at about 38 feet.

Nice looking rig!
This is Newmar’s top of the line Gas Coach
Looking good from this end

So, we were in the market for a new coach. I had also been debating if we should have purchased a Diesel. So, when we decided to move on, I did a nationwide search for the best deal. Initially, I was looking for a 2018 that was still in inventory. However, I found one dealer that was willing to sell me one they had on order (and after some tough negotiations) for just a few thousand more. We did have to wait another 5 months (we waited 3 months for the original coach). We could also pick all the options, colors, and special orders. Buying an RV is like buying a house in many ways.

More to come in future posts – thanks for checking in and Safe Travels!